On my website, you’re going to find some of my best work as a Director
Also, after such a diverse experience in filmmaking, you’re going to find some samples of other of the passions I discovered along the way: selling illusions as reality using Visual Effects, or practicing “Micro-Storytelling” and mixing all the techniques I know designing Title Sequences.
As a child, I was always passionate about stories.
When I wasn’t reading or watching them, I created them in the pages of an old notebook. But, they were always accompanied with illustrations in every chapter and on the covers. 
So, my real passion was always visual storytelling.
As soon as I got my first video camera at sixteen, I started to film short films and experiment with video.  Just after I graduated from a Film, Video and Photographic Arts major at the University of Seville (Spain), I had the opportunity of starting my career twenty years ago as a Video Editor and as a Reality TV Director. 
But, of course, my heart was in scripted storytelling, so I continued looking for my own path.
I was fortunate to work in dozens of productions, mainly in the postproduction and camera department (and, sometimes, as a Director), including short films, music videos, documentaries and feature films.
Such a diverse experience helped me, indirectly, to grow as Director and to find my own style.
So, as a European Director with a strong eye for composition and Visual Effects, I will aim to put all those skills on the table to assist you in creating memorable stories.

* 2020: Best Video creation in the CURTAS Festival do Imaxinario (Spain) for Ninti
* 2020: Best Film Up to 1 Min in the Green Fest (Serbia) for Ninti
* 2020: Award of Excellence in the CanadaShorts Film Festival for Ninti
* 2019: Nominated to the Canadian Screen Awards for Best VFX for the series Wynonna Earp
* 2018: Stranger Things Nominated to the Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Visual Effects
*    The Martian by Ridley Scott Nominated to the Oscars Academy Awards for the best VFX
*    Guardians of the Galaxy Nominated to the Oscars Academy Awards for the best VFX
*    Nominated to the Spanish Academy Awards for Best VFX for the Film Unit7
*    Best Postproduction in the Dos Hermanas Film Festival for El Hueco de Tristan Boj by Paula Ortiz

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